Did COVID-19 Prevent Your Vacation? Now You Can Staycation at Home Instead!

Who doesn’t love taking a vacation? There isn’t anyone who would reject the notion—let’s be honest. But, you can have plenty of fun by staying in your own neck of the woods. It’s called a “staycation,” where you pack zero bags, never fight traffic and don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to fill up the gas tank. It’s the perfect solution to the stay-at-home orders during this time of encouraging social distancing –and here are some ways you can take your “staycation” to the next level.

Put something fresh and pretty in the bedroom.

A vase of flowers, a new candle, a new set of sheets — anything to freshen up your bedroom and make it feel a teeny bit extra special will go a long way. If nothing else, change your sheets and plump up your pillows. Bonus: If you have cleaners come, have them make up your bed in that really crisp, hotel-style way that I can never seem to manage on my own.

Split up room service responsibilities.

One of the loveliest things about going on vacation to a hotel or resort is room service. As mediocre and expensive as it can be, you can really never get over the luxury of having someone bringing you a tray of hot food with accompanying beverages and desserts. If you’re taking quarantining with a partner or roommate, swap days where you’ll serve the other room service.

Savor the planning of indulgent dinners.

Whether you’re staying in and cooking or getting takeout from a restaurant, spend some time really planning your meals during your “staycation.” Most pleasures of a vacation is derived from the planning, after all; take some time to luxuriate in your cookbooks and pull out things you’ve been meaning to make, or research local restaurants you’ve been hoping to try—it’s important to support local businesses during this uncertain time!

Take lots of photos.

We tend to take tons of photos when we travel to far-flung places, but what about when staying at home? We put so much time and energy into our homes, keeping them clean and organized, beautiful, and healthy. Don’t they deserve to play the starring role in our “staycation” photos, just as much as a beach in Bali? The time to stretch out and rest at home is just as precious as the time we have traveling or lazing at the shore; memorialize it with some selfies or photos with your quarantine buddy!

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