Here Are Four Alternatives to Sparklers for Your Little One on This Fourth of July

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Leading up to the Fourth of July, it isn't uncommon to see the sky light up with fireworks. Even though it's legal to buy, possess, and use fireworks in certain unincorporated areas of Harris County, it is illegal to discharge fireworks in the city of Houston. This doesn't stop stands from lining main thoroughfares weeks before the big event, selling every type of firework, from Roman candles and fountains to sparklers.

While sparklers seem harmless, they can actually pose some serious safety hazards. According to recent reports, sparklers were the number one cause of firework-related injuries in 2019, with half of those injuries being connected to children under five years of age. Sure, with adult supervision, kids can certainly enjoy sparklers. But, if you're looking to adhere to county guidelines and would prefer not to risk any accidents, there are plenty of kid-friendly alternatives to them, which are just as festive and fun. Here are four of our suggestions, courtesy of the best luxury apartments in Houston:

Patriotic Pinwheels

Colorful pinwheels are not only a festive table decoration, but they are also enjoyable toys that children can wave around all day long. You can easily find them at your local dollar store for little cost, or even make your own using a DIY template online. Whatever route you choose, your child will find satisfaction in twirling them around until the real firework displays begin.

Fringe Pom-Poms

Well, we wave around fringe pom-poms for our favorite sports teams on game-day, so why not do the same for your beloved country on the Fourth of July? Red, white, and blue pom-poms, layered with silver metallic mylar strips, are similar to sparklers in the way they shimmer and shine. With all their festive colors, children will hardly notice the difference between one and a regular sparkler!

Ribbon Wands

Who doesn't feel absolutely magical waving around a ribbon wand, watching the different strands float and flutter throughout the air? You can easily make a makeshift wand with cascading red, white, and blue ribbons, too. Just simply attach them to a wooden dowel, and your child stands to have endless hours of entertainment, waving them around at your annual Fourth of July party.

Bubble Wands

This might as well be a rhetorical question, but what child doesn't absolutely adore bubbles? If you decide to sit out on the sparklers this year, there's no reason to pop your child's bubble, either. This alternative is a great solution and promises hours of frolicking and fun. Simply, fill a basin with bubble solution and purchase a few different-sized wands for children to blow and wave in the air.

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