Looking for Your Next Quarantine Craft Project? These DIY Tie-Dye Face Masks Will Do the Trick!

Even though there’s no way we could have predicted it, masks have become the fashion accessory of 2020. We see celebrities matching them to their outfits, high-end retailers releasing lines of options, and plenty of articles of clothing even incorporating them into pieces themselves. If one thing is for certain, no one wants to be caught dead with a plain, boring cotton mask! On a budget? Considering spicing up your white cotton (or linen) mask with this DIY project for Tie-Dye Face Masks!

Check out everything you need below:


• Plain white face masks, cotton or linen
• Fabric dye
• Extra squeeze bottles
• Rubber bands
• Baking rack and plastic tub or tray
• Plastic wrap or sandwich bags
• Rubber gloves
• Plastic table covering


1. Begin with clean, slightly damp masks.

2. Fold, twist, or crumple your mask—here are a few ideas: Stripes: Gather the mask lengthwise, creating small pleats, then secure with several evenly spaced rubber bands. Swirl: Flatten mask, center design with fingers, and swirl the fabric around your finger. Then, hold in multiple places with rubber bands. Crumple: Use your fingers to scrunch the mask into a flat, disk-like shape; use a rubber band around the perimeter to hold it in place.

3. Place the masks on a baking rack over a tray or shallow container to catch any dye runoff and use squeeze bottles to apply the dye. If you want both sides to be tie-dyed, flip the mask over, and repeat.

4. Wrap the masks individually with plastic wrap or seal them in sandwich bags. Squeeze out any excess air—you want to make sure the dye stays moist. Let sit for a few hours or overnight.

5. Once the dye has set, unwrap the masks and rinse each one under cool water until all of the excess dye has been removed. Finally, hand-wash your masks with a bit of laundry detergent and let dry.

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