Prep Your Smartphone for Trade-In with These Simple Suggestions

The time has come – you and your smartphone have had some great times together and formed some awesome memories, but it’s getting up there in age and being succeeded by too many versions to hold onto it for much longer. Yep, it’s time to move onto bigger and better things, like the latest version of your smartphone of choice, whether it’d be iOS, Android, or Windows. But, before you make your first move, you should do a few things to your current smartphone before trading it in to your carrier. Here are a few of our suggestions!

Back-up your data.

Perhaps the most obvious step, backing up your data is a simple, but necessary when you’re about to trade in your smartphone. Honestly, it shouldn’t be too difficult to execute, either –as your phone should automatically do this whenever it is plugged in and connected to a solid Wi-Fi signal. However, you can never be too careful with your data! So, be sure to double-check before walking into your carrier’s storefront and back-up your data manually. Trust us— you’ll feel much better knowing all of your prized photos, videos, and apps are safely stored in the Cloud. Plus, it will be much easier to set-up your new smartphone once all is said and done!

Perform a factory reset.

After your data is all safe and sound, it’s time to perform a factory reset on your smartphone. The way you go about doing this will vary, depending on the operating system you’re using. If you’re an Android user, the company suggests that you encrypt your data (if you haven’t already) before conducting a factory reset on your phone. Android will also prompt you to back-up your data one last time –man, these guys are on top of their game! iPhone and Windows phone, on the other hand, will trust that you have your process-down pat, only asking you to erase all content and settings. If you are on the iOS system, it’s also smart to disable the “Find My Phone” feature and the activation lock.

Change account passwords.

It may seem a little excessive to some, but if you’re willing to go the extra mile in making sure that all of your personal data is protected, it’s also a good idea to change passwords you might have saved on your smartphone at one point or another. This way, the next user will not be able to potentially access important and sensitive information, relating to your finances, career, or more. A good place to start would be your ID to the Apple or Google Play Store. Of course, the factory reset should take care of any issues pertaining to information, such as this—but, you can never be too careful, right?

Staying on top of your personal and professional life can be a challenge. At Haven at Main Apartments in Houston, Texas, we hope to make your daily routine a bit easier with tips and tricks that can be applied to every aspect of life.

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