Three Rude Behaviors You Might Be Unaware Of While Shopping at the Grocery Store

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Grocery shopping is a necessary part of life. Some of us might enjoy it, while others not so much. Whether you stock up on essentials every week or take part in a larger trip every two or three weeks, it's a vital piece of maintaining diet and nutrition in your household. However, there are, unfortunately, certain pet peeves we all have about going to the grocery store. Luckily, it's fairly simple to make the experience more pleasant for everyone by following a few simple, unspoken guidelines. Here are three that we feel make a big impact. Check out our suggestions below, courtesy of the best luxury apartments in Houston.

Leaving your cart in the parking lot.

Leaving your cart in the parking lot is generally inconsiderate. Not only is it irritating to anyone trying to pull into a parking spot, but it can also be precarious, as it has the potential to scratch cars and even injure pedestrians. That's why 72 percent of responders in a recent survey on grocery store etiquette considered this behavior a big no-no. And, don't even try to justify it by saying you're leaving it for the next shopper. You're ultimately creating more work for the employees, who will have to go out of their way to retrieve and sanitize the cart properly. Do the right thing and bring the cart back to the store entrance or one of the many hubs in the parking lot area.

Not putting back items you no longer wish to purchase.

Speaking of statistics, 97 percent of shoppers believe it's rude when someone neglects to put an item back in its proper place. Of course, there are many reasons you might decide to ditch an item. Perhaps, with all the other items in your cart, it might overextend your budget this week. Maybe, the packaging is compromised or the expiration date is sooner than you realized. Whatever the reasoning, do your duty – like returning the shopping cart – and be a good consumer by putting it back where it belongs. Think this rule only applies to perishables? Think again! A resounding 79 percent of responders in a recent survey still find it rude to do this, even if the item is non-perishable.

Leaving the checkout line to grab another item.

In terms of grocery store etiquette, this is one of the worst offenses you can commit, with up to 80 percent of shoppers considering it rude to leave the checkout line to grab another item. So, it's best to keep yourself organized throughout your entire time in the store. Hit each lane methodically, and be sure to double-check your list before securing your place in line. Trust us – it's not a good look or time-saving strategy to secure a place in line, then decide you need to grab a few more items. We suggest either accepting your mistake and leaving the line completely, then returning to the end of it, or making a trip to the grocery store sometime later in the week, if it isn't too pressing.

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