The Mental and Physical Health Benefits to Taking a Camping Trip

With the coronavirus pandemic still taking the country by storm, many Americans have focused their energy on finding alternate activities to keep their bodies busy and their minds sane. Since it has been deemed safer by the country’s most esteemed scientists and doctors to occupy outdoor spaces, many citizens have been looking to outdoor activities to satisfy their need for entertainment and adventures.

Camping is one of these very outdoor activities, like hiking or running, that has gained a lot of traction in the past five months or so. And, there is certainly a reason for that! Check out 3 mental, physical, and emotional health benefits you can experience by taking a trip to the great outdoors.

You can unplug from technology.

If you’re like most people, you probably cannot remember the last day you spent without your smart device or a lack of social media access. But, mental health professionals have consistently recommended stepping away from these modern conveniences every so often. Camping, like other outdoor activities, allows room for exercise, fresh air, and new experiences, which will decrease anxiety and depression. More than ever before, it’s important for all of us to find healthy ways to manage and channel stress.

You can get into something new.

Humans have always struggled with malaise brought on by monotony. It’s really simple for life to turn into a routine, and now, social distancing only exacerbates that kind of boredom, since we’re vastly limited it the types of activities we can safely engage in. Setting up your campsite, grilling food over an open fire, hiking the nearby trails –you’ll get a taste of it all on your next camping trip. These types of physical activities are key to improving mood and keeping our immune systems strong.

You can enjoy the fresh air.

We’ve all been cooped up in our homes for the past few months, and just like you feel malaise from repeating the same routine day-in and day-out, you’ll eventually tired of your indoor spaces, as well. Our bodies crave fresh air or oxygen, and by getting yourself outside, your body will release serotonin, absorb Vitamin D and other vital minerals, and improve your brain functionality. Plus, you’ll just feel downright awesome –who can argue with that?

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