This Colorful DIY Kaleidoscope Project Will Give Your Kiddos Some Time Away From the Screen

Did you know that you can use simple household items to create optical illusions? That’s right – if you’re growing bored in quarantine with the kiddos, keep them off their tablet screens with this fun, hands-on DIY project and create a colorful kaleidoscope! Check out the materials you’ll need below:


• Empty paper towel roll
• Clear plastic lid from a disposable container
• Scissors
• Hot glue gun
• Translucent beads in assorted colors
• Ruler
• Pencil
• 1 sheet of holographic scrapbook paper & 1 sheet of thin scrapbook paper
• Tape
• Mounting spray


1. Use a marker to trace the outline of one end of the paper towel roll onto the plastic lid. Using scissors, cut out traced circle. With a template, cut out another circle from the lid that is slightly smaller and that will fit snugly inside the paper towel roll. Test the fit and then set the circle aside.

2. Line the rim of the end of the roll that you traced in the first step with hot glue and place the first plastic circle that you made on top of the glue while it's still hot. Once the glue dries, hold the paper towel roll upright and drop the beads inside. Keeping the paper towel roll upright, drop the smaller plastic circle inside.

3. Once the smaller circle is firmly in place, use the ruler to measure the distance from the smaller circle to the top of the roll. Using that measurement as the length, cut out three strips of holographic or mirrored scrapbook paper that are approximately 1? inches wide.

4. Use tape to form a triangle out of the three cut strips. Slide the finished triangle all the way inside the paper towel roll until it reaches the plastic circle inside the roll.

5. Measure the length of the full paper towel roll and use that measurement to cut out a piece of thin scrapbook paper that is approximately 5 ½ inches wide. Spray mounting sprays directly onto the paper towel roll and wrap the piece of scrapbook paper around it.

6. To add an eye hole to your kaleidoscope, trace the outline of the top of the paper towel roll onto a piece of cardstock, and then cut out the resulting circle. Next, fold the circle in half and trace a small semi-circle in the middle of the fold line. Cut out the smaller circle to create the finished eye hole.

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