Searching for the Perfect V-Day Treat? These Take-Home Charcuterie Boards Are the Answer!

Dining out of to-go containers has become synonymous with the “new normal” we’ve come to discuss quite often these days. Believe it or not, though, these to-go containers are no longer limited to meals, drinks, or even desserts. Now, charcuterie boards, those ridiculously fancy and ever diverse pre-entrée favorites, are now stepping up their game as the perfect pre-packaged grab-and-go for enjoying from the comfort of your apartment home.

Whatever the occasion might be, these boxes of perfectly curated meats, cheeses, fruits, and nuts are perfect for gifting, celebrating, or enjoying with your special someone on Valentine’s Day. Since we are still in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, you’ll want to support your favorite local artisans, of course! With that being said, here are our 3 recommendations of where to find the best take-home charcuterie boards in Houston.

Houston Dairymaids

The Houston Dairymaids know the deal is when it comes to meats and cheeses – they’ve been doing this thirteen years, after all. The local business welcomes cheese enthusiasts to build charcuterie boxes online or create their own boxes locally on-site – whatever makes the customer most comfortable. You can also ship items such as the Dairymaid Trio Deluxe, a selection of three of America’s best handmade cheeses packed with Oregon roasted hazelnuts and local preserves, nationwide.

The Chatty Mouse

The Chatty Mouse puts a spin on the traditional charcuterie board with her signature charcuterie crate, coined the “Craze Crate.” Now available for Valentine’s Day, these grab-and-go boxes are perfect for socially distanced COVID times, priced at 23 dollars a pop, and must be reserved in a minimum order of six. If you’d like to order something special and delicious to celebrate with your significant other, consider the “Cupid Board,” a more traditional charcuterie board with cheeses, meats, and fruit.

Montrose Cheese & Wine

The best thing about Montrose Cheese & Wine other than the awesome neighborhood? Guests may have full reign over their cheese and charcuterie boxes or allow one of their experts to curate a selection. A small box of cheese, which boasts five ½ lb. pieces with lemon almonds and hazelnuts, grapes, and local honey, starts at 95 dollars, while a charcuterie box, including three ½ lb. selections of meat alongside house marinated olives and cornichons, goes for 90 bucks.

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