Want to Learn How to Use a Sewing Machine? Kick Start Your Effort with These Suggestions

Sewing is an incredibly rewarding and creative skill to learn, especially in hard times, such as these, when everyone is vying for certain materials, like face masks. If you’re looking to pick-up a new hobby, whether it’s for a constructive purpose or just to keep your mind occupied, we’re here to help with 8 basic sewing machine tips for beginners.

• Leave the thread guide up! When you start sewing, the thread guide right above the needle has to be left in a higher position. If it’s not, the needle will unthread as soon as you turn the handwheel of your sewing machine.

• To be sure everything is perfect while you start, always do the first 1-2 stitches turning your hand wheel anticlockwise, so you can check if the needle is getting smoothly into the fabric, see if your fabric’s thickness is a problem, and avoid thread jams.

• Never stop with your needle up, out of the fabric, while sewing a corner, moving the fabric, or pulling out a pin. Leaving the needle down and pivoting in the fabric will help you to achieve a perfectly aligned seam.

• When things go bad, rethread. This is a rule, whenever you find in yourself in a jam with your sewing machine. Simply try rethreading everything, spool, and bobbin, and 99 percent of the time you’ll solve any problem that you might be experiencing.

• Check thread type whenever purchasing thread or starting a new project. There’s no problem in using different colors, but choose them from the same family of thread to avoid jams, breakages, and other rookie mistakes.

• Clean your sewing machine regularly. This will ensure the health and longevity of your greatest tool. You can try using an air duster, or even better, an air compressor to blow out any tiny thread or lint, hidden inside your sewing machine.

• When you cut out your pattern pieces, never throw away your fabric’s scraps. Instead, you should conserve any waste and keep it for practicing—or even calibrating— stitchings and other need-to-know techniques that will enhance your skill further.

• Check the amount of thread on the bobbin before beginning each session. If you have to guess exactly when your bobbin’s thread will finish, you cannot be sure that it will happen right in the middle of a princess seam or any other complicated stitching.

It’s always fun to learn something new! At Haven at Main Apartments in Houston, Texas, we love to provide you with fun, thought-provoking facts that will make you reflect on different aspects of life.

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