Check Out These 3 Different Ways to Cook Your Turkey This Thanksgiving

When you’re ready to purchase your turkey, you may feel a little over-confident. Of course, your local grocer has a whole selection of types and weights to choose from! Once you get your designated turkey back to your apartment home, however, preparing and cooking it might be a whole other story.

Since the average person only cooks turkeys a few times a year, the preparation of the big bird can seem like a daunting task once a holiday, like Thanksgiving, rolls around. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by your Thanksgiving prep already this year, slow down for a moment and read this blog!


Roasting is one of the most popular methods of preparation when talking turkey – Thanksgiving turkeys, that is. Whether you choose to dry-brine or simply brine your turkey, roasting your big holiday bird usually results in much clamoring around the holiday table. Before roasting, remove the turkey neck and giblets and wash the turkey thoroughly. Place the turkey in a roasting pan, breast-side up. Rub the skin with butter and stuff it with thyme, halved lemon, quartered onion, and garlic.

You can also consider rubbing the skin with butter to better massage in the salt and pepper. If you’re basting it, add some chicken stock at the bottom of the pan to apply every 30 minutes or so. Don’t forget to cover that bad boy with foil and roast low and slow for about two and a half hours at 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Deep Frying

Believe it or not, deep-frying is another popular method of cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving. This culinary method works well, as it results in tasty, moist meat and flavorful, crispy skin if done correctly. Unfortunately, you will have to invest a little bit of cash into this endeavor once you decide to go this route since deep drying a turkey requires a fry pot. Like the previous step, we advise that you brine the turkey first after thawing it out.

For a twelve to fifteen pound turkey – a seemingly standard size among American households – brine your bird for 18 to 24 hours. Once the brining period is complete, wash the bird, cut the ties, and temp cooking oil to 325 degrees Fahrenheit and fry until it temps to 165 degrees. For a twelve-pound turkey, expect about 40 minutes of cook time.


If you consider yourself a fan of smoking meats, then why not do the same with your turkey for Thanksgiving this year? The best part is that you don’t even need a high-end smoke to get the job done! You can make any grill into a smoker by ensuring that the heat source will cook indirectly by convection. Once your heat source is determined, all you need is a water pan, wood chip packet, and meat thermometer. Cooking by a standard smoker? You’ll also need supplies, including fuel, smoking wood, and a drip pan. Brine and season your turkey before amping up the smoker at 225 degrees Fahrenheit for the big finale.

Keep in mind that a fifteen-pound turkey will take about seven and a half hours to smoke, so you’ll want to prepare plenty in advance if you choose this method.

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