Transform a Secondhand Piece of Furniture with a Bit of Stain and Know-How

There are times that the furniture you inherit, whether from a family member or a flea market, needs some serious TLC, in order to fit in with the rest of your apartment home décor. Before you slather on a coat of unruly chalk paint, consider using a more traditional and classic stain instead. The process of staining brings out the natural beauty of the wood's grain, revives old furniture, and makes an older piece feel right at home in your space. The best thing about staining? It’s a completely doable weekend DIY project and affordable to boot. Here's how to do it in five easy steps.

Choose a color and type of stain.

Pick a color you’d like to stain your new piece of furniture and test it out on an inconspicuous spot, such as the underside or back. This way, you can see how the color looks on that particular type of wood. Next, pick your stain style. There are three different formulas: oil-based, water-based, or gel-based.

Designate your work area.

Find a well-ventilated area and stock it with a sanding block, a variety of sandpaper, a drop cloth, newspapers, lint-free cloths, disposable gloves, a wood stain, and a wood sealer. When you're ready to start, put down a drop cloth topped with newspapers to protect the floors from any accidental drips.

Prep the wood.

Clean the furniture to remove dust and grime. Now, it’s time to remove old paint and finishes. Use a paint stripper to get into all of the crevices, especially if your piece has ornamental molding. Then, grab your sanding block and variety of sandpaper and get to work with sanding away the old finishes.

Use the right technique to apply the stain.

Put on the gloves and stir the stain well. Apply it to the wood using a lint-free cloth that's wet – not dripping. Apply thin coats, add more as needed, and make sure not to skimp on the product. If you don't apply enough, it could result in a splotchy color. Whatever you do, follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Apply a sealant.

Let the stain dry before applying the sealer. A polyurethane sealer will protect the wood from scratches and allow the stain to stay on the piece more vibrant than it normally would. After 24-hours, your reimagined piece of furniture is ready to display and use!

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