Satisfy Appetites Across the States with These Texas-Themed Gifts That Can Be Shipped Anywhere

Texas is known for many things, including cowboy culture, live music, and delicious food. Whether you’re a fan of homestyle Texan barbecue, Tex-Mex cuisine, or classic American eats, you’ll never go hungry in the Lone Star State. Now, you can share the joys of Texas living (and eating) with loved ones, no matter where they are, with these 4 Texan food items, which can be purchased online and shipped anywhere in the United States.

Kolaches from Weikel's Bakery (La Grange, Texas)

Kolaches are practically synonymous with Texan cuisine. So, why not treat your loved one to some of the best in the Lone Star State by placing an order from Weikel’s Bakery in La Grange? Order online and they’ll ship the iconic kolache (a round pastry made of yeasted dough and fillings like preserved fruit or sweetened cheese) or a sausage-stuffed version. You can also order cookies, cakes, bread, and more.

Tamale Survival Kit from the Texas Tamale Company (Houston, Texas)

Is someone you love in the midst of a tamale emergency? Better ship them the Tamale Survival Kit, stat! All jokes aside, the so-called Tamale Survival Kit from Houston’s own Texas Tamale Company is stocked with everything one needs to enjoy a Texan feast, including delicious beef, chicken, pork, spinach, or black bean tamales, Texas chili, chile con queso, jalapeño pepper jelly, and Mexican rice.

Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie from Goode Company (Houston, Texas)

When it comes to lifting spirits, little compares to a delicious pie. And, the Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie from Goode Company is one of the best in H-Town. Even if your friends or family don’t live in Houston, they can still enjoy a slice of heaven when you send them Goode Company’s signature pie in a Texas pine box. You can even add pralines for an extra sweet treat.

Hot Sauce from Yellowbird Sauce (San Marcos, Texas)

Visit any restaurant in urban Texan cities and you’ll most likely spot a bottle of Yellowbird hot sauce on your table. San Marcos-based Yellowbird Sauce has the market cornered with their wide variety of sauces and spice levels, which include a mild-to-medium Blue Agave Sriracha, a hot Habanero, and a hotter-than-hot Ghost Pepper. Order online via their website or find their products on Amazon.

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