Keep Your Desk Space Tidy By Cleaning These 4 Types of Electronics Regularly

Keeping your desk in order may already be on your daily to-do list. Whether you reshuffle essential paperwork throughout a unique organizational system or rearrange office supplies at the end of each day, keep in mind that organizing goes hand-in-hand with cleaning, and even as you continue to work from home, you must keep the stationery items on your desk clean – and we're not just talking about your desk surface, but those electronics that you spend hours using each and every day. Here are 4 of them!


Researchers from the University of Arizona found that keyboards can harbor 400 times the amount of bacteria found on a toilet seat. If you're cleaning an external keyboard, unplug it first. Laptops with a built-in keyboard or wireless keyboards need to be shut off beforehand. Remember, you should only use a dampened microfiber cloth to clean your keyboard since harsh chemicals could remove any protective layering. A dampened Q-Tip or a soft toothbrush should help you remove dust and other debris from the nooks of a keyboard. If that doesn't clear up the mess, a can of compressed air should do the trick!


Similar to keyboards, a dampened microfiber cloth, in addition to some rubbing alcohol, are great cleaning materials to sanitize and freshen up the surface of your mouse, which you are likely using just as often. You can also use surface cleaner, like Lysol, to disinfect it, but be sure to spray the cloth before applying it to the mouse itself. If you spray the solution directly on the mouse, it could lead to trapped moisture underneath the right and left click buttons on your device. Bigger budget for upkeep? Invest in a UV-light cleaner to accommodate gadgets from the size of a keyword to – well, a mouse.

Smartphone or Landline Phone

Again, you should always use a microfiber cloth and a small amount of rubbing alcohol to clean the surfaces of all your home office’s most important communication devices – your highly treasured smartphone or landline phone. Similar to your keyboard, unplug the landline phone from the electrical outlet before cleaning. Smartphones, on the other hand, need to be turned off completely. Since alcohol can be a bit abrasive, phone soap is a great alternative since it does not have a negative impact on touch screens or other sensitive, high-tech features.


In addition to wiping down the exterior of your printer every once in a while, there are a few steps that you can take to extend the life of this helpful office electronic device. Inkjet printers get clogged after a while. Luckily, most printers are also equipped with a utility function to clean your inkjets as soon as you swap out ink cartridges. Come behind it with a cotton swab to mop up any excess ink that appears around the jet head afterward. Getting rid of excess gunk that can form on the interior will keep your printer functioning more efficiently – and of course, for a long period of time.

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