Craving Chicken Wings? Look No Further Than These 3 Houston Hotspots

Chicken wings may seem like humble bar food, but there’s actually a reason why they make the perfect snack. They are hand-held goodness that has the perfect skin-to-meat ratio, which makes them the perfect balance of crispy and juicy when fried. Even though football season is now a glimmer in everyone’s eye, you can still enjoy your favorite saucy treat at one of the many restaurants in the Houston area. These hotspots take this traditional finger food and put the city’s well-known multicultural spin on it.

From wings served up with breakfast or brunch to those made with some Asian flair, these 3 HTX wing spots serve up wings that are spicy, sweet, and everything in-between.

BBQ Chicken Westheimer – 8383 Westheimer Road, Suite 114, Houston, Texas 77063

It takes two days to marinate and fry the wings at BBQ Chicken Westheimer, resulting in super juicy, tender meat inside of extra-crispy skin. The menu is simple, but delicious at this Korean restaurant, and all wings are served with Asian-inspired flavors. Selections include honey garlic, hot spicy, and gang-jeong. You can order the classic, boneless, or even fried whole chicken combos. BBQ Chicken Westheimer also boasts a lunch menu with wings and a drink, as well as “cupbobs,” a combination of meat and rice in a cup.

The Breakfast Klub – 3711 Travis Street, Houston, Texas 77002

Wings are served three ways at the iconic Midtown restaurant, The Breakfast Klub — and no, we aren’t talking about the iconic John Hughes movie from 1985. Here, wings are served with waffles, grits, or ala carte. The breading on the bird is made up of a combination of spices, including onion powder, garlic powder, and lemon pepper, in addition to a generous helping of vinegar and cayenne pepper. It’s about as classic as wings can get and pairs perfectly with these mouthwatering breakfast staples.

Sticky’s Chicken – 2311 Edward Street, Suite 190, Houston, Texas 77007

Sticky’s Chicken, which started as a food truck, recently celebrated its one-year anniversary as a brick-and-mortar restaurant, so maybe, it’s about time that you went and paid your respects! The wing spot’s Asian flavors are inspired by the owners’ Filipino heritage, and its menu includes shallot wings, sweet garlic barbecue wings, and S.L.A.B. wings, aka Spicy, Loud, and Bangin’ wings. Sticky’s food has drawn notable faces, like for Texans player, DeAndre Hopkins, and rapper, Wiz Khalifa.

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