It Is Completely Possible to Make Wise Choices When Ordering Fast Food

Despite what you may think, you don’t have to swear off fast food forever when committing to a healthier lifestyle. In fact, lifestyle changes are usually more successful when you live in moderation. As long as you keep your meals nutritious and well-portioned 90 percent of the time, it’s okay to treat yourself the remaining 10 percent of the time – it’s even recommended by health experts to speed up your metabolism.

So, take it or leave it, but a healthy diet can make room for an occasional fast food stop if you’re mindful of your order! Consider these tips below:

Keep the Portion Sizes Small – It’s perfectly fine to treat yourself, but it’s also important to refrain from over-eating or binging. Stay away from the hamburgers with multiple patties that can easily add up to 800 calories on their own, for example. Instead, opt for the regular-sized hamburger, and whatever you do, don’t upsize the fries, onion rings, or drink, no matter how tempting!

Choose Healthier Dishes – Although this might seem like a no-brainer, it’s important to keep your choices under control, even when you’re enjoying a weekly or bi-weekly cheat meal. It’s all about balance! So, if you opt for the burger instead of the grilled chicken sandwich, go for the healthier side, like the side salad or cup of fruit.

Opt for Grilled, Over Fried – Yes, we all know that grilled is the way to go. Fried and breaded foods, like your favorite Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich, are high in fat and calories. Simply change your mindset – it’s a treat to even visit your favorite fast food joint, and you have to find appreciation in this fact, as opposed to the food itself. It will still be just a delicious – just think of it as a healthier upgrade.

Watch What You Drink – Soda can be the culprit in a lot of people’s weight gain, and it doesn’t take much of it to load up on calories due to the sugar content. In fact, a 30-ounce soda can add up to well over 300 calories – basically, that’s a small hamburger. Get more out of your fast food dining experience, and stick to the diet soda, unsweetened tea, or water – you may even have a budget for a dessert!

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